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 “From the start of our Leak detection and repair (LDAR) program, K&K service has provided a great service to Polynt. Kevin is very thorough in his program outline and expectations of the program that he has presented to Polynt. Kevin has trained Polynt employees on the acceptable procedures for ensuring that the program succeeds. Kevin is very professional in the way he presents himself and his company and ensures that the customer is completely satisfied with the program and the service that has been provided. Kevin since the program has been implemented has reduce fugitive emissions greatly and reduced the amount of reoccurring equipment issues.”

Michael Hicks

Maintenance Department Supervisor

Chemical Manufacturer in Illinois USA

“Kevin Polhemus runs a tight ship at K&K Services. He has well trained technicians with good communication skills and he is always looking for a better way to do things. It has been our pleasure to be associated with Kevin for many years. The feedback we get from he and his people helps us make better products.”


Chris Patterson

Sr Software Developer

Inspection Logic

“K&K Services has always been professional, competent, complete and energetic with a strong willingness to continually work with our company to keep us in check with our LDAR program over the last many years. I wish we had more outside contractors with OUR companies best interest at heart while they are working at our sites. ”


Mike Zawadzki

Process Control Supervisor

Chemical Manufacturer in Illinois USA

 “K&K Services, Inc. is more than just a contractor, they are a business partner. I've had the privilege of doing business with Kevin and his stafff or over eight years. I cannot recall a single situation where I was dissatisfied with their ability to quickly evaluate a problem and propose asolution that was effective and efficient. His pro-active approach ensureswe are compliant on a day-to-day basis which is extremely important in theChemical Manufacturing industry. I highly recommend K&K to any business whois looking for someone to provide the highest quality when it comes to themaintenance of their process pipping, pumps and incinerators.”

Jim DiDomenico

Maintenance Planner

Chemical Manufacturer in Illinois USA

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